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What to do after car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Of the 6.1 million accidents that occurred in 2021, more than 42,900 people died, and more than 4.2 million people received injuries. These numbers are significant, and these scenes quickly devolve into chaos.

If you become involved in a car accident, the stress and fear you feel can be overwhelming. Therefore, these are some things you should do.

Take a few minutes

After an accident, your adrenaline is high and you may not have the ability to focus and determine what you need to do. Therefore, take a few minutes. Take some deep breaths with your eyes closed. Feel your body and calm your mind. You should also find your phone and documents.

Protect yourself and your passengers

Next, turn on your hazard lights. Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. Then, take photos of the accident scene from the inside of the vehicle. Then, try to move out of traffic. Move off to the side of the road.

Contact the police

Call 911 and let the dispatcher know about the accident, its location and whether you have any injuries. While you wait for the police, get the names and contact information of witnesses and any other drivers involved in the wreck. Also, get the driver’s insurance, license plate and vehicle information. However, do not make conversation with other drivers or witnesses.

Get medical attention

After you give the police a statement, get some medical attention. Your adrenaline may hide your injuries, so you should get checked out by medical professionals.

Knowing what to do after an accident can help make a chaotic, scary time much easier to handle.