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Responsive And Caring Legal Advocacy

If you or someone you care about is facing criminal charges, we highly recommend obtaining legal representation as soon as possible. A criminal record can impact your future opportunities severely, from your credit to getting certain jobs. Therefore, you should have an experienced and caring lawyer with you to advocate for your rights.

At Pritzke & Davis, LLP, we are aware of the negative impact of criminal charges in an individual’s life. Our commitment is to provide the legal representation our clients in Hancock County deserve. The sooner you have us with you in your case, the more opportunities we can have to act and get involved in the early stages of your process, such as the collection of evidence.

How We Can Help You

A criminal case is often complex. If an individual without a legal background attempts to handle their case alone, it could lead to severe charges and harsh criminal sentences. When we take your case at Pritzke & Davis, LLP, we will work in every detail, facts and circumstances leading to the charges you face.

We have provided caring legal representation to our clients in the following Indiana criminal defense cases:

  • DUI cases. Every case is different, and we will go through all the details to protect your rights and your driver’s license.
  • Drugs possession, including cases of simple possession or with intent to distribute
  • Assault ranging from threats and intimidation to battery or criminal recklessness
  • Burglary or theft charges
  • Murder

We also guide our clients through a process known as expunction. It is a legal resource provided to seal an individual’s criminal record. Thus, this record will not show up in background checks for any party, such as credit grantors or employers. However, there are numerous restrictions to apply for this process. Our team of lawyers will evaluate your case and determine if it can pursue a petition for expunction.

Get Us In Your Corner

You have options to defend your rights. Let us work with you to find possible paths for your case. Call our Greenfield office at 317-660-9054 or fill out our online form to discuss your legal issue as soon as possible. Our services are cost-effective and focused on providing efficient solutions.