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With more than 135 years of combined experience, our team of lawyers has strived to create the necessary strategies and estate plans to protect our clients’ assets. We encourage and guide our clients through the creation of legal documents based on their finances and assets. Through estate planning, our clients give certainty to their loved ones and their businesses after they are gone or in the event of incapacitation.

At Pritzke & Davis, LLP in Greenfield, our lawyers are firmly committed to the confidentiality of our clients when it comes to estate planning. We work closely with executors and beneficiaries, when applicable, to ensure the fulfillment of our client’s wishes during the administration process of a trust or a will.

Helping You Protect Your Will And Wishes

There are various types of wills and trusts, and we will help you define a suitable option for you given your financial goals and assets. We will then determine a plan according to your wishes and in line with your present needs.

Following are some of the considerations we will discuss as we prepare to draft your estate plan:

  • Why a particular type of trust or will may be more appropriate for you
  • Instructions about the management of your business, health and assets under various scenarios, such as incapacitation
  • The circumstances in which you should appoint guardians
  • Definition of provisions applicable to your children, spouse and loved ones after you are gone
  • Special directions involving disabled family members under your care

We have guided hundreds of clients through the process of protecting their businesses and loved ones from an uncertain future. We have also helped families contest wills and trusts. Our main purpose is to provide peace of mind to all the parties involved. We are proud to serve our clients in Hancock County, Indiana.

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