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Symptoms of injuries that develop after a car crash

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Getting into a vehicle wreck can be disastrous. The realization that we do not need to go to the hospital leaves us breathing a sigh of relief. We are ready to fix our cars and put the incident behind us.

Unfortunately, this is an unwise decision. Symptoms of serious injuries can emerge over time. Seek medical attention the moment any appear.

Extreme headaches

Blows to the head often result in headaches or even migraines. Sometimes, they point to the presence of a concussion. These can lead to memory issues, vertigo, and mood swings if they do not get treatment. Another possibility is a skull fracture or neck break. A CT or MRI scan may be necessary to diagnose what is going on.

Excruciating back pain

This symptom is common in those who endure a vehicular collision. Such pain could be a sign of torn muscles or ligaments. Vertebrae with damage are nothing to take lightly. Worsening of this condition could result in paralysis of varying severity. Individuals facing lesser mobility should consider launching a personal injury lawsuit.

Persistent numbness

Whiplash happens when someone experiences a sudden jolt. Damage to the neck or spine can cause one to lose feeling in arms or hands. This disturbing lack of sensation makes motor functions more difficult. The problem sometimes leaves in a few weeks. In other cases, it takes months or years to disappear.

Physical harm may not be plain the moment after an accident. Crash victims must stay alert for signs of a medical issue that deserves treatment.