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What kinds of damages can I recover from a personal injury lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Personal Injury |

The laws of Indiana exist to protect its citizens and residents, and to provide them recourse when someone else violates their rights. If someone else acts negligently or recklessly, and you suffer an injury as a result of their actions, you have the right to bring a personal injury lawsuit against them in order to try to win adequate compensation for your injuries. What kind of a recovery can you expect if you are successful in your lawsuit?

The types of damages that you can ask for in a personal injury lawsuit fall into two categories – economic and noneconomic damages.

Economic damages you can receive

Basically, economic damages are compensation for the monetary effect that your injury has on you. For example, if you cannot go to work for a few weeks while you heal, you could recover your lost wages from the responsible party. If your injury left you with a permanent disability that will impair your ability to earn money in the future, you could ask for compensation for loss of earning capacity.

Other types of economic damages that you can ask for are things such as compensation for any medical bills or medication that you had to pay as a result of your injury, and any property damage resulting from the accident.

Noneconomic damages you can receive

You may face some negative results of your injury that are not tangible – but that does not mean that they are not real. You have the right to seek indemnification for these damages as well.

For example, you can seek compensation for your pain and suffering. If the injury left you permanently disabled, you may be able to seek compensation for loss of enjoyment of life.

Your spouse may also be able to recover for the loss of consortium for the time that you are recovering from your injury, depending on the circumstances.

Your injury may have changed your life – and the lives of your family members – forever. Do not hesitate to avail yourself of the legal system to seek the indemnification that you need to take care of your family despite your injury.